Report 2: Participation and involvement of the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta in the humanitarian consequences of the armed conflict in Ukraine



Daily number of encounters with refugees

15 000

Total number of beneficiaries


Daily number of volunteers

500 tons

Total material donations received


Number of refugees accommodated in Hungary

Humanitarian access from all locations within Hungary and cross-border – MAP

I really appreciate our Hungarian friends’ longstanding efforts in humanitarian assistance and for everything the Hungarians have achieved.

Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, 2012


Assistance to those arriving in the Transcarpathian region first began through the Maltese Charity Service in Berehove, who work in coordination with the staff of the local county crisis committee. Their presence has been continuous since their establishment at the frontier in Asztély. They provide food for those who arrive there. Refugees who speak only Ukrainian will be provided with an informational data sheet to facilitate their arrival into Hungary. The document is completed by the Charity Service’s staff and volunteers. They record information such as the number of adults and children arriving, their intended destination, medical information regarding illnesses and accommodation needs.


The Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta (HCSOM) set up a heated tent which functions as an informational center at the Beregsurány border crossing. The establishment was later moved to the town center which is 2 kms away from the border. At that time, the tent was augmented by donated containers where refugees can stop and take a rest. From the border crossing to the center of town, emloyees of the municipality and other supporters transport those fleeing the conflict. Those who have neither a destination nor an arranged transportation are linked by Maltese staff to those who offered accommodation and transport. The mobile kitchen of the Charity Service and the local government provide food, hot tea and coffee. Donors can also deposit their offerings here.


Near Beregsurány, in the town of Márokpapi, the local gym has been set up by the Maltese Charity Service to receive and temporarily accommodate 80 people.


The Hungarian Malta in Tarpa is able to use a 200 sqm warehouse offered to the organisation by a contractor. The first aid consignment has already arrived. The warehouse will significantly speed up the supply of the Malta station at the Beregsurany border crossing, as the necessary equipment can be delivered from nearby.


A group of Ukrainians stranded in Budapest due to an airspace blockade were accommodated in Agárd. Here the property of the Charity Service has been set up as a transitory accommodation prepared to also receive additional refugees.

Budapest: Eastern Railway Station

Employees and volunteers of HCSOM positioned at the Eastern Railway Station are waiting for refugees arriving to the capital by train. Here refugees are provided with information, if needed they can receive assistance with finding adequate accommodation and they can stock up on the readily available food and drink supply.

Budapest: Határ road

At the Charity Service’s warehouse on Határ roademployees are continuously packing and loading essential relief items such as supplies for the mobile kitchens or toiletries which are then delivered to the refugees. Government spokeswoman Alexandra Szentkirály also visited the warehouse.


Fundraising is ongoing at the website, where at times donations of over one million forint is being received within one hour. The preparation of the Charity Service’s institutions for the reception and accommodation of refugees is also ongoing. In addition, staff members of the Charity Service are working to channel financial, material and human resources from private donors to those in need. Donation offers are being received via email addresses created for this specific purpose.

Photos: Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta/ Árpád Csaba Majoros

Ukraine crisis – helping refugees

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